Shiri Adventures is a local tour operator based in Moshi, Tanzania. Locally founded and owned, we are a team of professional experts with passion, knowledge and years of experience. Over the years, we have provided countless remarkable experiences of authentic Africa. We have changed thousands of lives by introducing tourists to the continent that brought them happiness, learnings and priceless memories. We ought to continue to improve our craft, as customer satisfaction and wellness of our employees are our top priorities. Years of operation honed our expertise in providing tours to different parts of Africa especially in Tanzania. With our passion and our sincere desire to offer highly-satisfying tours, we remained competitive in the industry for many years. We're proud to say that we are succeeding in our goals, to us nothing is more important than fulfilling our clients’ dream of a once-in-a-lifetime African safari.

"In an increasingly competitive industry, we understand that by offering superior customer service and professionalism, we can provide unrivaled levels of expertise."

Traveling with us is like traveling with family, we take pride in having a roster of professional and well-trained tour guides and company employees who work together for a common cause: To provide an unforgettable holiday. With our team, you will get a first-hand experience of African hospitality. We make sure to be able to ride the continuous change of the modern times through regular staff training. We implement our staff development after our customer's different way of life to provide a service at par with client expectations. We strive to find a balance between comfort and authentic African experience. We make sure to provide tours with the best value for money, and we work hand-in-hand with clients to assure they will get the most fitting itinerary that serves their needs which altogether create a holistic and unique once-in-a-lifetime travel experience.


To offer excellent services that give memorable and unforgettable experiences to our clients

To emphasize on eco-friendly, sustainable, and responsible tourism approaches

To donate part of our profit to our charity foundation that aids neighbouring schools and orphanages

To establish long-term and sustainable partnerships with tour agencies, airliners and hotels in and outside of Tanzania

To become a leading example tour operator that demonstrates sustainable tourism

To cooperate and support different associations that promote fairness, transparency and equality
To become the best tour operator in Tanzania by providing high quality, innovative, socially and envrironmentally friendly services. We want to become a leading example of a tour operator demonstrating sustainable tourism in Tanzania. We want to grow by offering more high quality and a wider range of unique tours and services

To establish long-term and sustainable partnerships with tour agencies, airliners and hotels in and outside of Tanzania

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Kilimanjaro Search and Rescue

Kilimanjaro SAR is the first and only helicopter-based search and rescue company in Tanzania. From Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru or Tanzania’s National Parks, clients can be rescued within minutes in cases of the most serious emergencies, especially those related to acute mountain sickness. In addition to the rescue, SAR runs a High-Altitude Medical Clinic where clients can receive 24-hour care upon descending from the mountain..
Why work with us
  • Health and safety; Wilderness First Responder certicified guides, emergency helicopter evacuation service and twice a day vital signs check-ups
  • Responsible and eco- friendly tourism
  • Fairness, transparency and ethical treatment to all of our crew members and staff
  • Professional, multi-lingual, experienced, knowledgable and passionate guides
  • Tailor-made and fixed ready made packages
  • High-quality outdoor equipments
  • Affordable and flexible packages that fit our client’s budget
  • 24/7 customer service support
  • Our core values
  • Team work
  • Transparency
  • Excellence
  • Loyalty
  • Reliability and Flexiblity
  • Ethical/Responsible and Sustainable Tourism

    Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project

    Your mountain porters are an essential part of every trek up mount kilimanjaro, not just because of the intense physical work they do in carrying all of the equipment and climber luggage, but because of the passion and spirit they bring to your trek, offering constant encouragement and smiles.

    We highly value our porters, guides and our entire crew and to ensure that fairness runs within the company, we are very strict on ensuring that our porters who are an essential part of every trek, not just because of their intense physical work they do in ensuring that the clients achieve their ultimate goal, but because of the passion, optimism and spirit they bring to the trek, offering costant encouragement and smiles.

    We are very committed in providing fair treatment as per Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project (KPAP) guidelines and recommendations. KPAP is a locally registered NGO, work underneath the International Mountain Explorers Connection (IMEC) Partner for Responsible Travel, a U.S. based organization.

    Travel, Explore, Conserve

    We have strictly prohibited all single-use plastic materials on all of our trekks, safaris and day trips. This decision is in line with our commitment to preserve our environment by reducing unnecessary waste and supporting efforts made by the country and enviromental authorities acting against enviromental pollution for the better future.


    Some testimonials from our satisfied clients

    " If you're looking for a great adventure and are in need of a guided service... Look no more! You're at the right place - "Shiri Adventures". A big shoutout to Linus James, the owner, who is a daredevil himself and has tons of hiking/climbing experience under his belt. I had signed up to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro with the guided service in March 2020. I got all the support I needed - right from gear, advise on how to prepare, what to expect during the climb etc. I fall short of words to describe how well this climb event was executed. Many thanks for converting my wish into a cherishable reality. I highly recommend Shiri Adventures for your outdoor adventures! "

    " WOW! I have been back from my Kilimanjaro trip with Shiri Adventures for one week and I am still just in complete awe of the whole experience. There are sooo many companies offering Kilimanjaro packages it can be difficult to select one. When researching companies I read all the excellent reviews on Shiri Adventures and decided to go with them after a friend conviced me. And am I ever happy I did! The staff at Shiri Adventures is truly incredible from the owners, Linus and Daniel to the porters they employ on the mountain. I had a stellar experience on Mount Kilimanjaro and owe a large part of that to Shiri Adventures Adventures. Thank you SOOOO much for helping me achieve a long time dream of mine! XO #asantesana "

    " My girlfriend and I took the Lemosho trail. Our guides,Porter's and chef were absolutey amazing ! Their energy level, positive support and being one step ahead with everything. They totally fulfilled on every part of the trip. They were intuitive to all of our needs usually before we even had to ask. Nightly meetings detailing the next day plan,we honestly couldn't come up with any questions. So from a logistical standpoint that was spot-on. But more importantly they were instrumental in both pushing and inspiring us to complete the summit. We could not have completed on this without our fabulous group. They were always ahead of us the porter's ,cook and whenever we got to Camp they were waiting for us. On a one-to-ten I gave every bit of the experience with top climbers a 10 ! "

    " For our honeymoon, we did a 6 day safari with Shiri Adventures, with most of our time spent in the Serengeti. From the time we landed at Kilimanjaro and flew out of Arusha a week later, we didn't have to worry about anything other than enjoying the amazing wildlife and scenery of Tanzania's northern parks. Our driver and guide, Joseph, was knowledgeable and reliable and great company for our safari, and we enjoyed our time with him. Everything was incredible, including the lodges we stayed at, the meals, and the entire experience was a trip of a lifetime. For us, coming all the way from Canada, the trip was at the upper end of what we could afford, but it was worth every single penny and we'd do it again in a hearbeat! "