A customised live aboard 50ft (16.5m) catamaran specialising in diving, is based in Zanzibar, available for day sailing or for longer trips. Is fully equipped for diving and Deep Sea Fishing and is crewed with a skipper, a chef, a deckhand and when necessary a dive instructor. Has 4 double cabins with en-suite facilities in each, a DVD/VCD player, surround sound stereo along with a long list of the necessary safety and navigational equipment. We offer a wide variety of trips onboard catamaran to suite the needs of individual customers. The boat is hired on a per person per day basis so guests are free to specify where they want to go and what they want to do. All sorts of excursions can be arranged, from sunset cruises to customised diving trips.


Come and take on the sky with the latest adventure! Flyboard is very well organized. The safety standards are up to par and the staff is well trained on use of equipment. We attend well to each of our requests. Very, very happy with the experience and you will definitely come back for more activities next time.


Parasailing has evolved into a safe, easy and thrilling activity. It's an adventure anyone can enjoy because there is no running or jumping, and no experience is necessary. Your captain will provide safety and flying instructions to ensure you have a fantastic time in the safest way possible. When it is your turn to parasail, you will be secured in a safety harness. You are safely and securely attached to the rope allowing you to float in the air and enjoy the thrill of flying and the amazing panoramic views of the island. The ride lasts approximately 10 – 12 minutes.


The water between Zanzibar and Pemba are home to excellent big game fishing and are famous world wide for the exciting opportunities they provide. Further South at Mafia Island and Latham Island there are fishing grounds which are almost untouched with only a few local fishermen there taking the fish. Striped, black and blue marlin can be found on the Zanzibar coastline, as well as acrobatic sailfish and elusive spearfish. Dorado, yellow fin tuna, wahoo, barracuda, king fish all provide endless hours of action packed game fishing out on the ocean. From August to October is peak season for tuna, with marlin and sailfish running from November till March, following the pattern of the monsoons.
Fishing in Zanzibar is a delight, with the turquoise and deep blue of the ocean constrasting against perfect powder blue skies, waves lapping against the prow of the boat. Whatever time of year you visit, you’re sure to have a great day out, with a chance of landing a personal best and epic tales of the one that got away. The professional deep sea fishing boats are all equipped to the highest international safety standards. They also have the latest fishing technology with GPS navigational aids, echo sounders and fish finders.


OVERVIEW The tour starts from Nungwi and heads out towards the mysterious island of Tumbatu - known amongst the locals for its seclusion and withcraft. We will cruise with our Jetski's by the island and admire its perfectly pristine setting. Near Tumbatu Island we will take a stop about 15 minutes to relax, swim and get a chance to "freestyle". On the way you will pass Kendwa (rated top 10 beaches in the world) and from there we will cruise along the coastline admiring all the hotels and beaches along the way back to Nungwi.


OVERVIEW Looking for a nice activity during your stay on Zanzibar? Going on a trip with Surf Zanzibar will be something you won't regret. Whether you are a kitesurfer waiting for wind or just a tourist, this is the thing for you! Stand Up Paddling is a very relaxing and fun way to play on the water. And since you are standing at your full body height all the time, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery the Mangrove's have to offer. It's highly recommendable to go in the afternoon so you can watch the stunning sunset if you are lucky.
If you travel to Zanzibar and like do be a littlebit active, this should be on your to-do list! Nice excercise, combined with nature and culture. And it's the only way to get into the highly protected mangrove forest.


OVERVIEW Zanzibar Island is bathed by the warm currents of the equator. The coral reefs offer exhilarating scuba diving and snorkeling within a short boat ride from most beaches. Scuba is most spectacular off Pemba Island, however for scuba beginners the safe calm waters of Zanzibar are recommended as the current off shore from Pemba can be strong. Snorkeling is best however off Zanzibar Island, whose eastern barrier reef encloses a series of shallow and sheltered tidal lagoons home to an abundance of colorful marine life.
Shiri Adventures & Safarisl can arrange Scuba and Snorkeling trips, from any hotel you choose, to satisfy all ability levels. There are many very beautiful and so great places for snorkeling and diving – but here we aim to highlight the best. The best place for snorkeling in Zanzibar is Chumbe Island one of the most spectacular garden to be found any where in the word,Chumbe is the best for snorkeling only,diving is not allowed here due to the fact that the corals are not so deep and can be easily damaged if diving is to be allowed.


OVERVIEW Zanzibar enjoys a tropical climate, so Kitesurfing can be practiced during the major part of the year, thanks to the mild weather and the temperature of the sea’s crystalline water. The long and white sand beaches, with few people during most of the day, allow a quicker learning process, besides a very pleasant and peaceful navigation. You can navigate beside the reef, accompanied by dolphins and a variety of species while observing the sea bed and the turquoise color waters. If you prefer to navigate in the area between the coast and the coral reef, the navigation is easier and so is the learning process.


OVERVIEW Third lung diving is an easy way to experience the first stages of scuba without the unfamiliarity of first time discovery dives and traditional bulky equipment. Minimal requirements allow our guests to hookah dive and enjoy the ocean and reefs from surface to 8 meters. An experience far superior to traditional snorkeling.